The Benefits of Leasing


If you’re shopping for a printer or copier for your business, then you’ve no doubt wrestled with the question of whether purchase or lease the device(s).

This article will address the benefits of an operating lease. More common than its counterpart, the capital lease, which allows you to slowly buy a piece of equipment, an operating lease allows you to merely rent the equipment (with benefits) without ever really owning it. While you do have the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease, the benefits of an operating lease come before that point.

Lower Initial Cost – Leasing a device will cost far less in the short term since you do not incur the cost of buying (or financing) the equipment itself. Because the equipment is (presumably) newer, the potential cost of repairs and the eventual wear-and-tear are lower. The capital saved by leasing can allow you to reallocate your money to other business-building areas, such as staff growth or expansion plans.

Budgeting Benefits – Leasing agreements might also be paired with a service agreement that includes ink or toner for a fixed number of printouts per a set period of time. A lease is a fixed cost which can be anticipated and properly budgeted.

An operating lease may allow you to deduct your payments as operating expenses during the period in which you pay them.

Current Equipment – Given the speed of technological advances nowadays, one of the major drawbacks to owning a piece of office equipment is the fact that you might end up owning a device that is inferior to those currently available in the marketplace. With most leasing agreements, you can always have access to the most current technologies.

Maintenance – Leasing programs often include routine maintenance and service visits, helping to reduce the need for unforeseen repairs and other issues.

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