If your company hasn’t tried scanning paper files to create secure, easily accessed digital documentation, you may be surprised at the many advantages.

Do More With Scanning

Read on to learn how replacing paper processes with digital documentation can help your business save money, improve productivity, create satisfied customers, and more.

  1. Reduced expenses for filing and storing documents. Your paper filing arrangements are costing more than you may realize, and those expenses go far beyond printing costs. Paper storage systems, from binders and shelving units to bulky filing cabinets, take up valuable office space. When those start to overflow, documents are often archived in boxes which are then moved to offsite storage areas. Recover those expenses and regain workspace by replacing paper-based processes with digital documentation.
  2. Reduced costs associated with document distribution and information sharing. Printing hard copies of documents and then beginning the slow process of shuffling them from desk to desk and department to department is a tremendous waste of time. Scanning and distributing digital documentation can reduce those hours to mere minutes.
  3. Enhanced document security. Paper filing systems are notoriously lacking when it comes to security. Files are subject to loss, theft, and destruction from disasters like fire or flood. Digital documentation is protected from loss, both accidental and intentional.
  4. Improved access to your collective knowledge. Research shows that searching for information uses up an average of 1.5 hours each day for every employee in your organization. Digital documentation can be accessed with just a few clicks.
  5. Improved regulatory compliance. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to maintain government regulatory compliance using paper-based filing systems. Scanning paper documents and replacing them with digital documents makes compliance much simpler.
  6. Improved customer satisfaction. Today’s customers aren’t accustomed to waiting for information. With digital documentation, you can answer their inquiries in a few seconds.

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