Do you own a printer? If you do then you know how wonderful and helpful to business they can be. But you also probably know how expensive they can be to run month to month. You have to take into consideration ink costs, paper costs and energy costs. It can really add up!

Well, there are ways to reduce how much paper is being used in your business.

Here are seven tips that can help you save money on print related costs!

1. Use double-sided printing! There’s no reason to use two sheets of paper when you can print the same thing on one sheet of paper.

2. Use smaller print! It may look cool to have headers that are size 28 and bold but it takes up more page space. It’s surprising how much paper you can save by shrinking your normal words down to size 11 and your headers to size 16.

3. Format documents differently. I know everyone loves double-spaced docs because they’re easier on the eyes but they’re heavier on the wallet. Also, change your margin settings so the document is spread out across more paper rather than having all of the white space on the edges.

4. Allow minor hand written corrections to in house documents. Sometimes a report is printed and you notice a few missing commas. Instead of printing the report out all over again allow people to make small corrections with a pen or pencil as long as clients don’t see the material it shouldn’t matter.

5. Print only what is needed! Have you ever clicked print on a webpage and when you pick up the papers from the printer and there are 3 pages that have just the URL at the top? Make sure employees are checking the pages box on the printer settings and only select the pages that have content they need.

6. Reduce printing by sending everything you possibly can including invoices and receipts through email.

7. Recycle!

If you would like to learn more about how you can save money on printing then please contact us today!