There are a lot of things you rely on at your workplace – a functioning computer, access to coffee, the support of your coworkers, and a copier.

The copier, which today usually also includes a printer and a scanner in a single device, is the office workhorse. It does a lot of the work, but often receives little, if any, recognition. And, it probably wasn’t inexpensive, either. You want get the most out of it, without having to spend even more on avoidable repairs and maintenance.

While some maintenance is unavoidable, we can offer a few tips to help avoid those costly repairs:

• Choose the right location for office equipment. Don’t wedge it in to a tight spot. Make sure the area near it is clear, and the copier is in a position that allows room for any moving parts. Operating the copier near a heater could cause damage and overheat.

• Don’t try to use a toner cartridge longer than it’s meant to be used. Replace it as soon as you are prompted to. Even if your copies still look acceptable, you could be damaging the drum and wearing out the developer – usually causing additional problems.

• Remove any jammed paper right away. Refer to your user’s manual regarding the proper method. When a piece of paper jams or tears in the copier, it can leave small amounts of paper fiber that accumulate and can cause additional issues. If the frequency of jams or tears increases, cease using the machine until it can be professionally evaluated.

• Never leave the cover to the copier/scanner surface up if it’s not being used. Allowing dust into the machine will impact the quality of the copies or scans and could damage the drum.

• Regardless, after a period of consistent use the glass screen of your photocopier will become dirty. This will have an effect on your prints. Routinely clean the glass with a microfiber towel. If the glass won’t come clean, check with your user’s manual or your service contractor regarding recommended cleaning solutions.

• Although the movies make it look hilarious, never sit on the copier or apply your face or other body parts to the machine. Doing so can damage the glass, or worse yet, damage your eyes or other body parts.

Don’t forget just how much you rely on your copier. If technical issues beyond basic maintenance arise, it’s best not to try and fix them yourself no matter how technically savvy you consider yourself!

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