What are the most important jobs for your device?
Begin by assessing your business needs and priorities. Will it just be for copies? Or would you like it to serve as the office printer, too? Are you interested in additional features like faxing and stapling? Make a list of all your office’s needs before going to shop for the right device.

How Much Are Your Current Printing Costs?
Try to estimate your current printing costs. Beyond the basics like supplies and routine maintenance, don’t forget to include things like energy consumption, recycling costs and technical support. Consider the impact these things will make on your budget each year.

What Is Your Monthly Printing Volume?
Consider how much your business typically prints each month. Do you print or copy hundreds or thousands of pages every month or just a few? Don’t forget that a heavily relied-upon device will suffer increased wear and tear, so don’t overlook enterprise-level devices (as opposed to basic, off the shelf models) when doing your research.

How Fast Do You Want It To Print And Copy?
Print and copy speed can have a big effect on employee productivity. If they’re standing by the machine waiting for their copies or prints, then they’re not working. When it comes to investing in a new copier, be sure to look at pages per minute (PPM) counts. This will determine how fast or slow the device will print, scan or copy pages in a minute.

Monochrome or Color?
Lastly, you must also decide whether to go for a black and white device or a color one. Again, it comes down to your needs and nature of work. If you work in a medical or law firm and only print text-based documents, a black and white copier should be adequate for your needs. However, if you will be printing documents that include graphics or photographs, then you will need a color device.

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