Printer Security

Just like any other networked device, office printers can expose sensitive data to unauthorized access and misuse. For that reason, today’s printers offer businesses a variety of built-in document security options:

User Authentication
Individual users are identified by the multifunction device and their prescribed permissions are applied during usage.

Permissions control
Printer permissions that allow users to print, and allow select groups to manage the printer, the documents sent to it, or both.

Data entering, leaving, and stored within the device, can be secured with state of the art encryption. Most devices support several different protocols for encrypting data, including SSL and IP Security (IPSec).

If an incorrect password is entered the number of times specified by the administrator, the user lockout function prevents further login attempts.

Secure print release
Secure print release places print jobs in a holding state until the user or administrator authenticates and releases the job at the printer.

Audit trails
Audits are real-time activity reports detailing all relevant printer use details such as print job time and date, user name, file name, number of pages, copies, file size, printer name and server details.

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