Printers are as necessary to business today as a phone or the internet. What you may not realize is that if not managed properly, they also pose a serious threat to your IT security.

Recent research has shown that roughly 60 percent of surveyed companies has suffered at least one printer-related security breach. Surprisingly, only 25 percent of organizations that participated in the same survey consider printer security an area worth prioritizing.

Although most people view a printer simply as an output device, a printer that has been integrated into an organization’s network usually comes with little to no out of the box protection. Therefore a printer can act as one of the biggest attack points in a company’s IT infrastructure. Companies may have no idea that they’re vulnerable to common print security risks such as:

Theft – Any documents that are left unsecured can easily be removed from the document tray by anyone in the office, either by accident or on purpose.

Printer attacks – Whether they attempt to bring a network system to a halt by issuing a barrage of fake print jobs, or using the device in a denial of service (DDoS) attack, skilled hackers can exploit printers to wreak havoc on company resources.

Data breaches – Customer information, personal health information, and other forms of confidential documents are regularly stored in printer caches. Left unguarded, this info is easy pickings for criminals and a juicy target for ransomware.

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Look for next week’s blog, where we’ll discuss printer security strategies.