All organizations and companies, regardless of size, need to consider the amount they print in a provided month and the associated costs. Quite often, printing may be the third highest monthly expense (behind payroll and rent) incurred by a business. By understanding just how and where printing costs happen, you can begin to cut costs and save paper.

The process of managing your month-to-month print spend is not always simple. Based on the size of your company, there may be many moving parts to consider in order to maximize impact on your company’s printing habits. This is where a print management service comes into play.

Here is how print management can regulate your monthly print budget:

Keeping track of Paper Usage – Monitoring your paper usage is the first action in being able to cut down on it. Print Management works to monitor printer usage by department and will determine areas of enhancement.

Taking Control of your Printer Fleet – Should you be managing a large organization, then you definitely have many printers located all over the office environment. Print management has the ability to observe all of your printer outputs and locations and can really help in figuring out where waste is being accumulated.

Limits the Volume of Printing – The possibilities of what print management is capable of doing for your company are limitless. You even have the capability to limit the volume of printing done by a particular department once you know exactly how much printing is done on average.

Making use of Energy Efficient Products – The power usage of your company gear can start adding up, especially if you are running a lot of printers. Energy-efficient products minimize the amount of power used and saves your organization money.

Getting your monthly print spend in check will help you run a more efficient and cost effective business. Contact us for more information.