As yet another ransomware attack has made its way into the news, it’s a good time to remember that the chance of a ransomware attack in your own organization can be reduced by following some common-sense measures.

Frequent and consistent data backups are only the first, and most common step. Today’s cybercriminals have also found ways to target these backup and archival systems. So, what are some steps that every organization can employ to help reduce the threat level?

Here are four relatively easy solutions for preventing ransomware attacks in your organization:

1. Educate all the users who touch or connect to your network. While it might seem a bit counterproductive – limiting or restricting a user’s access as part of a training drill can explain the potential dangers with immediate clarity.

2. Conduct a network security assessment that can identify weak spots, and follow it up by running penetration tests to gauge the extent of your network’s vulnerabilities. Assessments can range in scope, from basic visual and analytic assessments to automated, deep reaching assessments.

3. Restrict the employment of core applications on an organization’s network to a limited, white-listed set of applications. Provide employees with a very clear bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy that might even include the insistence that employees use their own non-network compatible devices to access any non-work related websites or systems.

4. Assuming you’ve already developed a written set of acceptable use and security policies, find a way to remind employees what they are in an interactive and fun manner, rather than simply providing a document for them to sign or posting the policies near the water cooler. Sponsor a contest around the policies, or provide some incentive for them to remember, and hopefully utilize, the policies.

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