Today’s healthcare industry depends upon its technologies, both to care for patients and to keep their information safe. While intelligence technology has brought about great strides, it’s not without risk. Implementing Managed IT in healthcare is one of the most effective methods for mitigating those risks. Read on to learn five critical ways Managed IT can make a difference.

Freedom to Focus

The primary role of Managed IT in healthcare is to stay on top of your IT infrastructure. Your primary goal is the care of your patients. By offloading your IT infrastructure to a Managed IT Services provider, you’ll be free to focus on your patients, while we focus on monitoring your technologies.

A Sure Back-Up Plan

You may be certain there’s a contingency plan in place in case your networks go down, but is there a plan in place if those back-ups fail to operate as planned? By implementing Managed IT in healthcare facilities, your networks, as well as your contingency technologies, will be online and ready to serve your needs.

Hidden Threats

Inactive technologies, like computers and multifunction printers, can pose unwelcome threats to your networks. From sensitive data stored on hard drives to inactive but still open accounts, the risk is real. Managed IT in healthcare includes routine audits that identify and then bury inactive accounts and devices.

Out-of-Control Printing Costs

Despite efforts to cut back on printing, the healthcare industry is still awash in a sea of paper. Managed IT in healthcare facilities can help you pinpoint just how much your staff members print, and why. By taking full advantage of features on multifunction printers, like usage controls and paper-saving modes, your enterprise can realize some drastic savings.

Regulatory Compliance

Safeguarding patient information is not only a good idea; it’s the law. Don’t let compliance issues become your downfall. Managed IT in healthcare means you’ll have help meeting compliance standards, and are ready to face audits.

Managed IT in healthcare is a rapidly growing solution to the industry’s unique technology risks. Get in touch with us at Capital Business Systems to learn more today!