The increase in technological mobility has brought with it an uptick in productivity and efficiency. But it hasn’t been without a few hiccups during the transition to mobile devices. IT departments are looking for ways to set controls on employee devices or at least improve security and bring uniformity.

Some oversight has to occur when a company begins using employee personal devices for work, as well as a level of integration into existing workflows. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest capability issues that employees experience is printing from mobile devices. TechNavio reports that printing is one of the most requested features in mobile devices.

Integrating Mobile Devices into Your Print Environment

Mobile printing is key to employee mobility and productivity, especially for industries like real estate and insurance. Employees are already using mobile and personal devices for work, but there’s a bottleneck when it comes to creating hard documents from these devices.

To integrate your employees’ devices into your current printing infrastructure, you need the right software. This gives you a level of control over printing similar to what you have with company-provided devices.

Usage Tracking and Control

Mobile printing software lets you track printing usage in the same way you can from company devices. You can also set parameters or default print settings that enforce company policies.

This software also exponentially increases the security of mobile printing. From secure-release functionality to secure Wi-Fi printing, mobile print software provides peace of mind.

Bring Your Own Device to Work

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an increasingly popular option for businesses as they embrace the power of mobility. Don’t miss out on the increased productivity that comes with mobile devices. Integrate your employees’ devices directly into your print environment with mobile printing solutions from Capital Business Systems.