You took some risks when you started your company. The financial risks were real, and the risk that the market wouldn’t support your product and services was certainly a factor. But you were able to succeed despite dealing with these very real risks of going into business.

Now that you’ve survived and your company is no longer a dream but a reality, you have a choice to avoid some very real and equally unpleasant risks to your business. All of them revolve around your network and how it impacts your success—or your failure.

Reduce Your Risk of Network Attacks and Infections

Even if your company is fortunate enough to have a full-time IT staff, it can be challenging and expensive to minimize your risk level from cyber attacks. New threats and intrusions emerge continually, and the moment the industry deals with one, another appears. Consider the most common sources of data breaches:

  • Viruses and malware
  • Outside cyber attacks
  • Unintentional user errors
  • Network failure
  • Equipment failures
  • Mobile device and OS vulnerabilities
  • Deliberate sabotage by insiders
  • Public cloud storage apps
  • Business partners
  • Phishing and social engineering schemes

You can minimize your risk from threats by partnering with a Managed Network Services Provider. With 24/7/365 monitoring of your entire network, your can greatly reduce your risk of losing your proprietary data.

Reduce Your Risk of Network Downtimes

Network downtimes are a risk no business should have to face. From lost revenues and customer dissatisfaction to expensive repairs, downtimes and network performance issues are recipes for disaster. Managed Network Services provides regular, proactive maintenance on your network and devices. You can greatly reduce your risk of downtime with professional 24/7/365 Managed Network Services monitoring and care.

To find out more about mitigating risk with Managed Network Services, contact us at Capital Business Systems for a network security assessment today!