You’ve heard of managed print services, but do you need them? Take this quick assessment and find out if Capital Business System’s managed print services could help your organization:

1. Do you know your organization’s true cost of printing? Have you bench-marked it against industry norms?

2. Is your organization interested in reducing its carbon footprint? If so, do you know the impact imaging and printing has on your carbon footprint? Are you aware of potential energy savings?

3. Have you established imaging and printing environment metrics and goals?

4. Have you determined, gathered and analyzed the data needed to help you build a plan and a business case for change?

5. Have you built a plan to prepare your people for the changes you seek? Does your plan address environmental sustainability?

6. Do you have a roadmap and a partnership with your vendor(s) that integrates print management initiatives into your IT strategic imperatives?

7. Are you enlisting the expertise and experience that will ensure your imaging and printing environment is optimized and well managed over time?

8. Are your IT resources maximizing the power of available network print management tools?

9. Are you regularly using key tools to track your progress against environmental goals?

10. How effectively is your organization using its imaging and printing environment as a digital “on-ramp” and “off-ramp” to its applications?

It is important to identify all the employees and vendors involved in the entire printing workflow from procurement and installation to daily use and periodic software updates, supply replenishment, and so on.

While this is just a quick self-assessment, Capital Business Systems full print environment assessment includes measurements (or at least estimates) of supply consumption, device usage and energy use. Ultimately this provides the data needed to calculate the true cost of printing.

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