When we read a document there are many factors that go into determining whether or not we accept it as a quality document. Quality can refer to a number of different facets of the document, including the quality of the content, and even the quality of the print. One of the most important factors in determining quality is whether or not the document is printed in color. While you can have high-quality black and white documents, color adds a level of quality that goes beyond just the aesthetics of the document.

The best thing about color printing is that it does not cost an arm and a leg like it used to. High-quality color printing solutions are now more affordable than ever. Some of the best reasons to switch to color printing include:

  • Improved Definition and Detail: Bring out the best of your documents with full-color printing! Color printing brings increased detail to each of your documents, adding an unprecedented level of quality!
  • Add Credibility: Did you know that color documents are considered more credible than their black and white counterparts? Even when documents contain the exact same information, color documents are taken more seriously.
  • Increase Retention: Readers are nearly 80% more likely to retain the information they have read if it is in color. Ensure that your readers will remember your content by printing in color!

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