More companies than ever are creating their own marketing materials in-house, printing with their own equipment. This is a good choice typically, allowing you to avoid the markup associated with outsourced printing.

But some businesses are making a crucial mistake by not paying attention to the quality of these promotional materials. A printed marketing item may be a potential customer’s first impression of you: make sure the impression is a good one.

How to Achieve Quality in Your Printed Material

There are many misconceptions about printing your own marketing material. Here’s how to get quality every time you make your own in-house marketing material.

Don’t assume quality printing will cost you an arm and a leg. With the ubiquity of imaging hardware available, quality printing is no longer a luxury item. Every business can own the equipment and supplies necessary to produce gorgeous, full-color material.

A sub-par printer will produce sub-par results. You can’t rely on the cheapest printer available to get the right results–and you can’t use the wrong kind of printer and expect a good product. For larger materials, a large format printer is a must. For photographs and quality art prints, you probably need a high-quality inkjet printer. Talk to a trusted vendor to find the right machine for you.

Everything counts! Your logo, the color, the consistency, the paper, the copy–everything counts when you’re handing out promotional material. In today’s world, if you’re doing it you can bet that your competition is doing it too. Make sure you stand out by putting meticulous energy into your printed material.

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