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Elevate - Cloud Phone Systems for the Healthcare Industry

When the 2020/21 pandemic hit, the shift to remote work happened virtually overnight.

Some healthcare organizations had begun to adopt remote care initiatives pre-pandemic, but at just about every healthcare organization there was a renewed sense of urgency to accelerate and broaden digital communications capabilities to ensure patient needs are met in the safest ways possible.

The digital transformation allows healthcare providers to increase both effectiveness and efficiency by using powerful tools to automate and enhance a long list of crucial logistics.

These same tools also have an enormous positive impact on the patient experience by making it easier to book or change appointments, to quickly get in touch with the right professional, to renew prescriptions, and to stay engaged in care programs.

Capital Business Systems helps healthcare providers deliver a better patient experience— through best-in-class contact center features that create efficient interactions, meaningful insights, productive teams, and an overall superior patient experience.

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