We live in the age of information. Information is power and it is key to your competitive advantage. Every single day your organization is adding to its power by recording more information, compiling a collective “brain.” But a brain doesn’t only store information; it also catalogs and retrieves that information, otherwise the knowledge becomes useless. Is your organization’s information easily retrievable? Does your organization’s “brain” function well to give you a competitive advantage?

If you’re not using a document management system, the answer is likely no. Recent studies have estimated that around 15% of all documents go missing, while 30% of the workday is spent searching for information stored inefficiently. Document management by Capital Business Systems is the solution. With our expert help, your organization’s information will be your greatest strength. Here’s how:

  • Your information is never lost – Some estimates suggest that 80% of an organization’s knowledge is stored in unstructured documents, often inaccessible when someone retires or goes on vacation. With document management, your information is stored in a consistent manner and is available whenever it’s needed.
  • You information is secure – Document management allows you to control who has access to documents. Your company’s sensitive information is no longer floating from desk to desk or lost in a pile of loose papers.
  • Your information is easy to use and change – With version control and collaborative tools, you won’t be stuck trying to reconcile multiple edits by different people. Team members can work together on the same document and share edits seamlessly.

With document management, you can turn your organization’s information into an asset that keeps you ahead of your competition. Keep your company’s “brain” functioning at its best. Contact us today to take advantage of the many benefits of document management.