As a business owner whose employees print like crazy, do you ever wonder about future generations? Air quality, trees, consumption of energy? With today’s awareness of our impact on the environment around us, no doubt you do. There are ways to help you sleep at night, though; things that can help you reduce your company’s footprint.

A digital document management system is the best way to save paper, reducing the global demand for trees and saving them for future generations.

Document Management: The Green Solution

Document management is a great way to keep your documents digital without ever printing them out. How? Document management eliminates the need to print documents by performing the functions traditionally done on paper.

  • E-signature functions allow you to sign documents quickly and securely without ever putting pen to paper
  • Simple collaboration tools allow you to edit, comment, markup, and work together on documents without printing them out
  • Easy-to-use permissions allow you to make files or folders available to the appropriate people or group without locking cabinets or using document sign-in/sign-out systems

Digital is Better

The best part about moving your documents to digital format is that your workflow will be faster and more efficient. Document management allows you to automate workflows and rely on secure digital distribution, rather than having documents float around from desk to desk in the office.

In today’s age, paper is an environmental burden. Your office can go green easily and nearly eliminate your need to print with a document management system. To learn more, contact us or visit our page on green technologies.