Without a robust security plan, your computers and networks are vulnerable to malware in all its forms. Whether it’s a corrupted link, an internet download, or even an image attached to an email, the risks are too significant to ignore.

Malware Attack by a Worm

Worms are insidious forms of malware that replicate when they access your network. Your system vulnerabilities are targeted, and you’ve lost valuable space before you know what happened. Freezing is likely, along with a host of other problems. Worms aren’t dependent upon specific programs to attack your networks; avoiding system vulnerabilities is the only sure method to protect your network.

Malware Attack by a Virus

Computer viruses, unlike worms, are written code. They are similar to worms in their capabilities to copy themselves repeatedly, corrupting entire systems and destroying your data. Viruses find their way into your computers and networks via contaminated files often introduced through the internet. With new viruses introduced every day, businesses must take steps to keep their networks and computers protected.

How Managed Network Services Can Help

  1. A Business Continuity Plan. Most businesses cannot survive the type of security breaches that cause catastrophic data loss. Expert data backup and recovery solutions provide the Business Continuity you need to recover from malware attacks, human error, or natural disasters.
  2. Network Monitoring and Care. Managed Network Services delivers 24/7/365 network monitoring to protect your system from security threats. Even during non-business hours (weekends and overnight), you can relax knowing someone has an eye on your network.
  3. Network Security. Your confidential data is constantly at risk from hackers and malware threats. Let our experts keep your network updated and protected with state-of-the-art encryption and authentication.

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