In most small to medium sized businesses, there comes a time when moving print production in-house becomes economically viable and necessary. This, of course, depends on a number of factors – such as what kind of printing is usually required, how large the print jobs are, and how often these print jobs occur.

There are also other factors that may not always be quantifiable. How often are print jobs returned from the printer only to discover a typo that requires a full reprint? Or what if the information on the printed material suddenly becomes erroneous or irrelevant? (Think of product updates, or employees who unexpectedly leave.)

Here are a few of the factors that make moving print production in-house worthwhile:

Color Quality
If you’ve taken the time to create a brand for your company, that brand probably requires the use of specific colors. While print shops are almost always able to match your specific color requirements, that doesn’t mean that they will always get it right across an entire print job. Here at Capital Business Systems, we use a specific shade of red in our logo. When it comes out wrong, it’s immediately noticeable. When we run our own print jobs in-house, we can control the output.

Paper Stock Variety
After all the hard work you’ve put into creating your print job, you should never have to settle for a run-of-the-mill paper stock because the print shop does not have the paper you really want in stock. Sure, they can special order it, but you can bet they will take the opportunity to charge you extra for it. With in-house production printing, you can be assured that your print job is completed on the paper you choose.

Cut Back on Waste
We mentioned reprints earlier. How much did it cost you last time that you had to throw away a bulk order of printed materials because there was a mistake? It’s been estimated that 9 trillion pages of printed materials are discarded each year due to mistakes. In-house print production can keep that from happening. It makes sense not only financially, but environmentally as well.

Compliance with Regulations
In some industries, government regulations may have an impact on how, and whether or not you should, outsource print jobs. This is especially true when the print job concerns sensitive documents. You may trust your print shop, but when print jobs are brought in-house, the security element becomes almost irrelevant.

Ultimately, bringing your print jobs in-house results in improved reliability. Every aspect of the job – the where, when and how – is up to you. You need not rely on the abilities or whims of someone else’s business.

For information on how Capital Business Systems can help you upgrade your print environment, please contact us.