Very few businesses have given up on print. In most cases, you just can’t. Business cards, letterhead, promotional brochures, short-run direct mailings……..organizations rely these things – and others – in order to function.

Most organizations also outsource some or most of these projects to a professional print shop out of sheer necessity. Outsourcing usually comes with expensive editing, set-up and processing costs. Even after all is said and done, sometimes an error can be found making thousands of dollars of printed materials unusable. Or perhaps you were only able to justify the costs by ordering more than you actually can use in order to get the price-per-item down to an acceptable level.

Perhaps you’ve tried using your office-grade printer to produce some of these projects yourself. Chances are you had to bend your standards in order to meet the level of quality provided by such a device. Or maybe you just created a long print queue that kept everybody else in the office from printing their own jobs.

Investing in hardware that lets you bring your print jobs in-house is a viable option for most businesses. It does not have to break the bank, and can fit squarely into the hardware upgrades that businesses typically go through every few years. And while your budget may be the defining arbiter of upgrade possibilities, the numerous capabilities that can be gained by bringing your printing in-house must be considered.

Print On Demand – Print only what you want, and only when you need it. Save materials, time and storage space.

Image Quality – In-house production allows you to control the image quality, especially color, from start to finish and across all platforms.

Finishing Options – Cutting, creasing, stapling, binding. Wouldn’t it be great to have these options available any time you needed them?

Personalized Printing – What if all 500 of your mailers need to have a unique company name on them? Most print houses would be unwilling, or even unable, to customize each piece. But in-house, you can easily program enterprise-level printers to handle it.

Paper Stock Variety – Different projects require different paper stocks (think brochures versus business cards). Most office-grade printers can only handle a limited type of paper.

Reliability – Need it by the day after next? Your local print shop will charge you (probably quite a large amount) for that. But if you could do it all right in your office, there are no extra costs.

Upgrading your print environment with enterprise-level hardware will save you money in a variety of ways: it will lower your price-per-page, it will eliminate most printing mistakes or excess, it will reduce the manpower resources required to complete a project, and will reduce the risk of large jobs ending up unusable due to errors.

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