There a number of technologies that help businesses further their green initiatives. Along with helping a business do their part to help the environment, these green technologies can help reduce costs within a business, raising your bottom line and helping to further profits even in these difficult economic times. Some of the most popular and effective green technologies include:

  • Print Management: Print Management programs offer a number of benefits to businesses looking to go green. Not only will these programs help you reduce printing, but you can also optimize supply ordering and better understand the best way to consolidate and organize equipment.
  • Document Management: Enhancing your document management processes allow you to increase productivity, boost security and most importantly, reduce your business’s reliance on physical documents. Take your document management system digital and see benefits across the board.
  • Multifunction Printers: Multifunction printers help consolidate equipment in your office, use less power and are more effective with supplies, meaning you save money and significantly reduce waste. Utilize further options on multifunction such as duplex printing to take your green initiatives to the next level!

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