Scanning and Digitizing for Your Business

Digitized documents are the new normal. They are as essential to your business process today as photocopying was 20 years ago.

A scanner can do more than just provide a digital copy of your document. It can route it for you directly from the machine. Documents can be shared across multiple platforms such as email, the cloud, and third-party applications. Scanned documents can be accessed remotely – from anywhere and on most devices



Scanning and digitizing documents can be as simple as grabbing a static image of the document in question, or it can be a multi-step process that utilizes the latest technologies. It all depends on how you intend to use the document in the future. Most businesses want to ensure that their scanned and archived documents remain just as useful and accessible as their paper counterparts.



Capital Business Systems can help create a comprehensive scanning and workflow process for your business. By assessing your current business processes, understanding your immediate and future needs, and even leveraging your current technology (when applicable), our experts are able to help ensure that your documents are secure, backed up and accessible.