If you are a small business owner, you know how important all of the details are. You need the best employees, the right office, and top-notch equipment all on a tight budget. And, the most important piece of equipment you need is a reliable copier/printer.

Let’s look at how you can get the best option for the best price:

  • Identify your needs. There are a myriad of desktop printer options, but there are also multi-functional printer options as well. MFPs copy, print, scan, fax, and then some. Take a look at what functions your business really needs since you can save money by getting one machine to achieve multiple objectives.
  • Live in color. Do you need to copy and print in color? If not, you can save money with a black and white/grayscale only machine and toner. If you need a color option, be sure to set the copier default to B&W, since color toner is more expensive.
  • Reputation counts. Pay attention to the brand name of the copier and the company you are purchasing or leasing from. Do your homework–look for reviews online and ask for references. You need a reliable machine or you will end up spending more in the long run.
  • Buy or lease. Remember, purchasing new is not your only option. If you need a copier or printer, lease and pre-owned machine options ease the strain on your budget. Again, be sure you do appropriate research and review contract terms before you commit.
  • Green and green. Opting for energy efficient office equipment is an ideal way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint–it is win-win!
  • Think local. Look for a high-quality service provider in your area. Capital Business Systems provides Service and Sales in major metropolitan cities and rural regions from 11 offices across 4 states. If you need assistance with a copier or printer for your small business, give us a call today at 800-221-0604 or click here.