Does your business have a multifunction printer? If so, you’ll want to read on to learn more about getting the most out of your printer.

Did you know that a multifunction printer’s scanning ability can save you time and money? Scanning is one of the most versatile functions of an MFP, upping your efficiency and reducing waste.

Harness the Power of Scanning

Here’s how it works: a multifunction printer’s scanning capabilities help you reduce paper usage, store documents securely, search quickly, and distribute effortlessly.

1. Capture Your Documents Digitally

The first step in using your scanner to its fullest is to move your paper documents over to digital by scanning them into your computer. When you do this, you’re creating searchable, editable versions of your vulnerable paper files. You can back these up, share them, store them, and so much more! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Next, you can…

2. Store Your Documents Electronically

Ah, the freedom of digital documents. No longer are you surrounded by the clutter of unmanaged paper files. Imagine being able to:

  • Eliminate clutter and lower storage costs
  • Organize files quickly
  • Find what you need when you need it
  • Protect your documents against theft, loss, and damage

The power of the scanner is truly revolutionary in a paper-based office.

3. Manage Your Documents Effectively

Whether you use a document management system or you use your own processes to organize your digital files, your electronic documents are on their way to organization at this point. You can access your documents off-site, collaborate easily, control who accesses what, and eliminate the costs associated with manual document handling.

4. Distribute Your Documents Easily

Finally, scanning allows you to share your documents securely, quickly, and efficiently. Paper documents are expensive and cumbersome, and they’re hard to organize or locate. Use your electronic documents to the fullest by distributing them to network folders, document management systems, websites, and more. Print to network printers or save in easy-to-access formats. The possibilities are endless.

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