We say printer, you say jam. There’s nothing more frustrating than a printer problem getting in the way of your work, especially when you’re working on a deadline (which is always, right?). If you’re tempted to take a baseball bat to your printer, let us give you some pointers first.

What Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Your Printer

Here are the top three most common printer problems, along with our expert advice on how to solve them. As always, if your problem is “my printer is as old as the hills and needs to be replaced,” we can help with that, too.

1. My printer won’t print

Sometimes, your printer just decides to be downright stubborn and won’t even produce a single document. There are a few things you can do to start solving this problem. First, check to make sure everything is connected correctly and that your machine is, indeed, plugged in. Next, check that your Wi-Fi is enabled and you’re printing with the right network. Finally, take a look at your printer driver: it could be corrupted or need an update badly. If all else fails, it’s time to pull out the user manual or do some troubleshooting with tech support.

2. My printer says I’m out of ink—but am I?

Most modern printers alert you pretty early on that you’re running low on ink, giving you a grace period for running to the supply store or ordering more cartridges. But you don’t need to rush: most of the time you can print for quite a while without it becoming critically low on ink.

3. My printer and my smartphone aren’t speaking to one another

Mobile technology is on the rise in the workplace, but sometimes your printer just doesn’t want to keep up. A mobile printing solution with an easy-to-use app is more accessible than you might think: give us a call if it’s time to connect your mobile technology and your printer.