If you work in a modern office, you likely have two areas of expertise: your job and your office equipment. Printers, fax machines, scanners, and copiers are sometimes complicated enough to require some extra knowledge. When you run into a printer issue, you don’t have to be an expert. You just have to have the right people on call to help.

Here are fixes for some of the most common printer and copier issues.

1. Trouble with Mobile Printing

How frustrating is it to draft a document on your tablet or phone and then have trouble printing it? Usually the problem isn’t your phone or your printer (as long as you have an updated printer)—generally you just need the right software. Check out our mobile printing solutions for more information.

2. Paper Jams

The bane of every printer: the paper jam. Usually these happen because something’s not right from the get-go, like the paper is too light or too heavy for the machine, or the paper tray is too full. Check these issues first, and then move on to clearing your printer.

3. Low or No Toner

Today’s printers are better at using every single drop of ink or toner, so no need to replace the minute that you receive a low toner warning. Instead, make sure you order more supplies at that point and then wait until you start to see a difference in your print quality to change your cartridge.

Still running into issues? Give us a call. We’d be happy to give you a free print assessment and help you find the right machines for your office.