Maybe you’ve heard the hype around document management. Perhaps a business colleague has raved to you about how organized his or her company is thanks to document management. Maybe you’re still skeptical and need more information. Can document management really be the magic pill that improves profitability?

Document management isn’t a gimmick and it isn’t complicated. It’s simply a digital tool that can get your company’s filing cabinets into an electronic format and then make those documents easy to find, edit, share, and archive. Since information is your company’s backbone, it stands to reason that you should take good care of your information. Document management makes it simple to do just that.

What’s All the Hype?

Document management has become increasingly popular in the past few years as businesses move away from slow paper-based processes. But it may seem like a useless tool: Isn’t an efficiently organized company-shared drive the same thing, only cheaper?

The answer to that question is simple: No. Document management systems are powerful content organizers that not only help you sort your files, but also help you make the best use of your information.

Powerful Organization

Did you know that a document management system can learn about your company and make work processes faster? With smart scanning, your document management system will recognize key words and phrases, then automatically index your document for future searching.

Most company computers or shared drives are digital black holes where documents are lost forever. PC search functions are rarely efficient or even effective, since document tagging and search terms aren’t a typical part of most companies’ processes. A document management system makes searching for files fast.

Don’t lose your information in filing cabinets, shared drives, or computers scattered across your office. Contact Capital Business Systems to learn more.