If your business is still using personal photo printers, then you can save a significant amount of time and potentially money through using a color multifunction device.  If your business already owns a color multifunction device, then it only makes sense to utilize that piece of equipment to improve your processes.  Here are just a few of the reasons why printing photos through your multifunction device can benefit you.

  • A multifunction device is multiple times faster when printing photographs and can maintain the same level of print quality.
  • With a multifunction device, you have far more sizing options.  You can print many different sizes up to a regular 8.5 x 11 letter size while with a photo printer, you will be restricted to select sizes, and sometimes only 4 x 6.
  • You don’t need another printing device.  Multifunction devices can handle other printing jobs and can serve multiple purposes.
  • With a multifunction device, you can scan photos or pictures directly into your computer and then store or distribute them as you please.

With multifunction devices being very sophisticated these days, it only makes sense to optimize your business equipment to fit your needs.  To hear more about the power of multifunction devices and how they can serve many purposes in your business, contact us today!