P3500 Unified Communications System

The ability to communicate with your business associates, whether they are in the next building or on the other side of the world, keeps your projects and proposals from stagnating and grinding to a halt. These days, a simple conference call is rarely able to support your communication requirements.

The RICOH Unified Communication System P3500 is part of the new generation of business communication systems. The P3500 allows businesses of any size, and in any location, to share critical information virtually with their audiences. Featuring the ability to incorporate video, audio, text and interactive media into your remote meetings, this powerful,

The UCS P3500 system is as close as you can get to having an in-person meeting, but without the costs, technical challenges, and time normally spent arranging and holding an in-person meeting.
Audiences can join one another from a smartphone, a single workstation or from a large conference room. The P3500’s built-in camera and expansive 125-degree wide-angle view allows you to see each participant clearly and even zoom in on individual speakers.

Easy Setup
The UCS P3500 video conferencing system easily connects directly to a projector, monitor or TV via VGA or HDMI cable. Your audience, whether they are using another UCS P3500 system, their own computer, or with any smartphone or tablet enabled with a Unified Communications Services (UCS) app — simply need to navigate key controls to participate.

Distractions and interruptions, so common among video and audio conference systems up to this point, are kept to a minimum by the scalable video coding which minimizes jitter and other technical issues. The P3500’s high-quality microphone can help cancel out many of those annoying conference room noises – tapping pens or loud air conditioners – that always seem to plague conference calls.

The P3500 UCS video conference equipment is exceptionally portable. Roughly the size of a small laptop, the video conferencing system includes a camera, microphone and speakers, all tucked inside a soft-sided case. All you will need to require is an AC power source, a wired or wireless Internet connection and monitor, and you can begin your video conference in about 60 seconds.

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