Few small to mid-sized businesses can afford to have an entire IT department, and even large businesses have realized the benefits of outsourcing such a technical job. But like any other service you consider implementing in your business, it’s important to you and your colleges to understand the return on your investment. So what is the ROI on managed IT services? Let’s take a closer look at what you stand to gain by outsourcing your managed IT department.

Disaster Recovery

Not all businesses have put serious thought into recovery in the case of a disaster. First off, what kind of disaster are we talking about?

  • flood
  • fire
  • network hacking
  • theft
  • tornado

Depending on your location and line of work, this list could include several other disaster potentials. Do you know how many companies recovery from disasters like this? Unfortunately, not very many. Would your company survive a disaster like this, or would you be scrambling to recover?

Disaster Recovery is created for these situations, and the return on your investment could be getting to keep your doors open after what would have been a devastating loss.

Money Saved

By investing in managed IT services, you have 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals rather than adding an extra set of tasks to the week of one of your employees. Your employees are trained to do a job and to do it well, but they won’t do anything too well if they’re stretched too thin. Outsourcing your IT allows your team to focus on their own jobs while an IT company can be innovative about your network and towards the safety of your company.

Whether the thought of disaster recovery has spurred you to movement, or you’re ready to enjoy the savings of time and money that you’ll gain with managed IT services, we look forward to hearing from you! Contact us today!