Dear Capital Business Systems,

I’m an office intern, and I have a coffee problem. Well, it started as a paper problem, but it became a coffee problem. See, I organize files all day. Manila envelopes, binders, loose papers, reports, financial print-outs, client information—oh, the paper cuts! Also, if I lose any of them, I will probably lose my job too.

Now that I’m addicted to coffee just to make it through another long day of filing, do you think I have the energy to convince my boss to move to electronic document management? How can I persuade her? Can you help?

– Over-Caffeinated in Omaha

Dear Over-Caffeinated,

First, we’re sorry to hear about your espresso dilemma and the paper cuts. As for your bigger problem, we can help!

Your boss is already a fan of document management; she just might not know it yet. Document management is a fantastic solution for companies with this issue: too many papers and not enough room, manpower, or security to handle them. Document management digitizes and automates your paper filing system—and does so much more.

Tell your boss about these benefits of document management:

  • Lightning-fast document retrieval. Every document in your organization will be tagged for easy keyword searching.
  • Better security. Documents get lost all the time, even with dedicated and caffeinated interns at the helm. Document management keeps your files backed up and secure.
  • Enhanced workflow. Why use outdated paper-based processes when digital automation is readily accessible? Document management brings your business into the fast-paced world of the 21st century.

If she’s still not convinced, tell your boss to give us a call. We’d be happy to find the perfect solution for your company.

Best of luck,

Your Capital Business Systems Team