When moving into a new office or redesigning the layout of your current office, it is important to think about how the layout of your office will contribute to how your team works. The way that the office is arranged will have a significant impact on how your employees will communicate and work together. Certain layouts are best suited for team-based environments, while others are better for offices that focus on individual work.

Here are several of the fundamentals for setting up a new office space:

  • The first step in the process is to determine what you are trying to accomplish with your office. If you are a leader, perhaps a goal is to be in a position of strength. Alternatively, if you are a consultant, perhaps an inviting environment will match your office best. This is all personal preference depending on your personality and the functions you wish your office to serve.
  • The layout of desks in the working area is very important as well. If you would like to facilitate teamwork and communication, an open environment will lead to this. Cubicles are very conducive to individual work, and can seriously hinder team based environments.
  • Additionally, one more thing to consider is the selection and placement of office decoration. One option is to make use of plants, office equipment and other furniture to complete specific goals. More plants and a brighter atmosphere can be more welcoming if this is a characteristic you wish to portray.

The overall goal is to pair the arrangement of your office to the purpose you want it to serve. If you have any questions about printers, office products or how we can contribute to setting up your office, please contact us today.