As businesses evolve, so do their needs. Technological innovations, increased mobility, and green consciousness inspire continuous change. Which is why Capital Business Systems is proud to partner with Ricoh to offer innovative products and software to meet those changing needs. Ricoh is a leading provider of high-performance office technology designed to revolutionize efficiency and productivity.

Advancements in technology occur quickly, sparking conversations about how to meet ever-growing data retention needs and adapt to new security concerns. Ricoh has developed security solutions to help protect printed and electronic data. Data protection options available to customize to each unique customer environment include:

  • Locked Print—Helps maintain confidentiality by holding a print job until a user code is entered directly on the machine control panel
  • DataOverwriteSecurity—Overwrites the data used to process each print job on the hard drive itself
  • Hard Drive Encryption—Secures information that needs to be retained on the MFP/printer to be used again
  • Removable Hard Drive—Enhances security by permitting the removal of data in a separate, external device protected by a key lock

Smartphones and tablets along with cloud technology have made business and information more immediate, relevant, and effective. Cloud connected MFP interfaces accessible by mobile devices allow printing from any mobile platform. By using existing infrastructure, companies can use public cloud services, office-based private cloud services, or mobile apps for uninterrupted job processing on the go.

The changing world and increased technological developments can raise concerns about not only the costs of maintaining and managing document workflows, but its’ impact on the world around us. Ricoh offers products that have evolved with the growing concerns of our environment. Quick start up times, fast print job turnaround, and energy saving technologies built into their print devices reduce the environmental impact businesses have without slowing them down.

With so much innovation, it can be difficult to choose the right equipment to meet unique challenges. Capital Business Systems’ partnership with Ricoh can enhance your office with the right technology and mobile options to manage costs and improve productivity by providing solutions for better document management.

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