Pro 8200ex/8200s

It's never been easier to engage your audience. Use the RICOH Pro 8200EX to copy large volumes of black-and-white bulletins, newsletters and handouts at high speeds. Or, opt for the RICOH Pro 8200s to print, copy or scan brochures, proposals, presentations and more with speed, ease and precision — without dedicated operator assistance.


More media is more compelling. Use the Pro 8200EX/8200s to deliver manuals, bulletins, NCR forms and more at up to 13″ x 19.2″ with ease. Produce postcards and heavy card stock up to 350 g/m2. With the Pro 8200s you can even add variable print data on pre-printed media, providing you more flexible printing options.

Sharing information with more people doesn't have to require more devices. Choose the Pro 8200s to scan up to 220 images per minute in a single pass from the Automatic Document Feeder. Use a wide range of Scan-to capabilities — including Scan-to-Email, Folder, URL, PDF and more — and share documents electronically with coworkers, customers, parents and students within moments so they can make faster, more informed decisions.