Canon CX-G2400 2” Inkjet Card Printer

With the Canon CX-G2400 2” Inkjet Card Printer there is now a fast, high-quality and secure solution for printing 2-inch plastic and paper business cards. All the ID and business cards are printed on the spot, meaning you can customize and adjust credentials based on your ever changing needs.


This advanced printer can turn out paper or plastic CR80 ID Cards or business cards at speeds up to 50 cards per minute. All with an ultra-crisp inkjet print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi using dye-based inks for colorful graphics and vivid colors. Traditional thermal transfer printers simply don’t compare.

Compared to cumbersome, hard-to-change, thermal printer ribbons that need to be replaced after a few hundred prints, the CX-G2400 uses easy-to-replace inkjet printer cartridges that last for thousands of prints. A great convenience during busy periods. Ribbons can leave client and customer information exposed, Inkjet unlike traditional ribbons offer a more secure and streamlined method to print secure ID card information. A standard wire lock slot feature make the Canon CX-G2400 ideal for your ID and business card printing solution.

From increased security, to better first impressions, the 1200×1200 dpi high-resolution will allow your customers and clients to experience exceptional photo image quality. That means images and text on business cards always look sharp and crisp, ID badges are easier to identify, and barcodes scan on the first scan. The Canon CX-G2400 2″ Inkjet Card Printer is ready to meet the needs of a variety of markets and applications, including ID cards, business
cards, personalized gift cards, membership & loyalty cards, and more. Unlike thermal printers, the Canon CX-G2400 Inkjet Printer prints on both paper and plastic. This versatility enables you to print business cards, visitor badges, and claim tickets on paper, as well as ID badges, membership, gift and loyalty cards on plastic – all on the same machine – and with fewer stops to load new media. That’s because the CX-G2400 can hold up to 200 paper business cards or up to 100 plastic cards.