Print Environment assessments are critical for identifying process optimization opportunities. A comprehensive assessment will ensure the greatest opportunities for cost savings and productivity improvements over the long term.

Workflow and Print – What We Assess
Workflow Assessment usually includes:
• Analyzation of key document and information-based processes relevant to your business
• The document workflow, infrastructure, and people involved with the process
• Continuous optimization that leverages your current investments in technology and people

Print Assessment usually includes:
• Mapping of print devices, usage volume, print applications, and hidden print costs (continual use of color, for instance)
• Developing and deploying a print strategy that matches your document output needs
• Optimizing and balancing fleet deployment by placing devices in the most productive locations, streamlining print workflows, minimizing carbon footprint, and improving total cost of ownership

After the Assessment
Once an assessment is completed, we’ll share with you what we’ve found and our recommendations.

Getting your monthly print spend in check through an assessment will help you run a more efficient and cost effective business. Contact us for more information.