As a Ricoh partner we will offer a wide range of sales, service and support solutions that are part of larger, fully integrated Ricoh solutions approach. As such, we deliver critical technologies, services and support our customers quickly. We are also key suppliers or niche specialists in document management, printing and document management services, and much more.

The Ricoh solutions approach is a network of innovative industry leaders, each with established solutions in our markets. Together, we’ll help solve Ricoh clients’ greatest challenges, even when clients aren’t sure where to start. Big or little, our clients count on us to identify the richest opportunities to better their business. By helping our evolving community, we will earn that trust again by continuously producing solutions that work for our customers.

In each market it serves; Ricoh aims to produce the most exceptional products, services, and overall customer satisfaction. As Ricoh’s  technology partner for printing and document management solutions, Capital Business Systems strives to deliver the most comprehensive and technologically advanced Print and Document products.

Today, Capital Business Systems and Ricoh’s teams are tightly coupled, driving next-generation print solutions to the market. Our advanced research and development team with unmatched expertise in print and document management, combined with Ricoh’s world-class engineering and manufacturing capabilities, offer customers new print-management capabilities, breakthrough product performance, and lower total cost of ownership.

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