At a moment’s notice, could you remove sensitive data from a lost or stolen mobile device? Is all of your data protected from unauthorized access? Find out how Managed IT in healthcare can help you answer a confident “Yes!” to every one of these questions, and more.

BYOD Management

There’s no denying that the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement can achieve increased productivity and significant savings. But the practice has its risk. Chief among them is when security policies don’t evolve to accommodate employee-owned devices, or when employees fail to follow them. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, remote data wiping capabilities are critical. By leveraging Managed IT in healthcare, mobile devices become less of a security challenge and more of a benefit.

Knock, Knock

In a perfect world, you’d only have your own networks to monitor. The unfortunate reality is that your networks are connected to hundreds of outside systems. They help make information sharing easier, but they can also introduce unexpected security vulnerabilities. Protect your data by accessing professional Managed IT in healthcare. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your back door is guarded 24/7/365.

Your Password is What?

You’ve heard the horror stories. Another business suffers a massive data breach because someone thought password was a clever, um, password. Despite constant warnings, employees still choose weak passwords. [Insert massive security breach here.] With Managed IT in healthcare industries, you’ll have a better chance of identifying password weaknesses, so your enterprise doesn’t become the next statistic.

Prepare for Your Future

Your IT infrastructure is a critical component of your future success, and much depends upon how well yours keeps up with emerging technologies. A Managed IT strategy includes regular reviews: How are your networks keeping up with today’s challenges? Are they prepared for the future?

If you’d rather spend your time running your practice than managing your networks, Managed IT in healthcare offers a secure and robust solution. Contact us at Capital Business Systems today for more information!