Cut Your School's Printing Costs with PaperCut

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    The Challenge
    Schools want to print with minimal IT involvement, full visibility, and top-notch security. Moreover, it all needs to be easy for students while promoting sustainable, cost-effective habits. So if you have …
    ▶ stacks of wasted print jobs piling up
    ▶ students and staff printing with no accountability
    ▶ support requests racking up more hours than the day allows
    ▶ sensitive documents that need securing before, during, and after print

    PaperCut from Capital Business Systems, Inc. is the solution for you.

    The Solution
    PaperCut delivers simpler-than-ever printing solutions that
    protect student data, cut costs, and reduce waste. Harnessing a cross-platform and vendor-neutral approach, PaperCut products are the industry’s go-to tools that just work – no matter your size, printers, operating systems, or BYOD devices.

    A PaperCut interface screen on a printer