Hewett Packard is well known for its advancements in the print industry. In fact, this company has been associated with some of the most important products. Now, HP is making more in-roads, as it relates to On Demand and On-the-Mark products. The advancements and technology here focuses on the ability to print customized information. This information can be printed on demand and at high speeds.
HP Thermal Inkjet Technology (TIJ) is critical to this process because it allows for a compact form factor. It is not necessary to try to reinvent the wheel where this technology is concerned. Companies can license TIJ print mechanisms and technology. This allows them the ability to integrate and tailor their specific print needs.
Equipment for this Process
There are a variety of HP equipment choices when it comes to TIJ projects. HP has provided customers with options as it relates to this equipment. These items are a part of what is available with this technology:
  • Print Modules
  • Scanning Imagers
  • Pigment-Based Ink
  • UV-Florescent Supplies
These are items that can be purchased through HP and their suppliers. The HP Scanning Imager 1100 is a fine example of this equipment. It is not only fast but provides vivid images for print needs and projects.
Supplies Needed
The supplies required for TIJ projects are especially designed to enhance printing systems and to provide customized solutions. Traditional print cartridges and extended cartridges are available for these supplies. Their capabilities and details range based upon each individual supply item. The TIJ 2.5 Cartridges are among these supplies. These cartridges support various substrates and applications. This can also be used in a unique way for particular projects. It is possible to switch inks and individual print jobs.
HP Thermal Inkjet Technology is serving as a pioneer in this area.  The products and supplies the company provides for these print details enhance the overall process. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to using these products to meet your own business, creative and operational needs. You have the chance to apply this advanced technology to your specific objectives and projects.