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Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services take a comprehensive approach to understand your business processes – from a document’s initial generation to its end-of-life activity. The scalable process can include storage, retrieval, access control, remote access, audit control, security, backup, and disaster recovery – and can also support mandated privacy
such as HIPPA, FACTA, Sarbanes Oxley, and Dodd Frank. 

How Managed Document Services work:

  • Assessment – Working directly with you, we analyze the workflows into, through, and out of your organization in order to understand precisely what business processes the document management solution needs to support.
  • DesignBased on your current and future requirements, we can customize a document management environment from a hardware and software perspective in line with your business strategy.
  • ImplementationWorking on your schedule, we roll out the document management service – including training and installation – appropriately and with minimal interruptions to your business.
  • Management – We actively manage your output environment and performance using monitoring tools and services.
  • Optimization – We conduct ongoing improvement activities to maximize customer satisfaction.

Why should you invest in a Managed Document Service?
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