Every office has a rock star and in most cases it is the good old printer. But what happens when that printer really is old? How do you decide if you should repair it (again) or replace it? Here are some of the top considerations.

Service and Supplies

First, look at your service contract. Many basic services, which will promote the up-keep of your machine, are usually included in service agreements. Keeping up with basic maintenance will help prolong the life of the all-important copier or printer, requiring less repair work.

Warranty Guarantee?

Depending on what is broken, your warranty might cover it. Warranties generally cover manufacturer’s defects and broken parts within a standard period of time, often 2-3 years. If the issue is not covered under your warranty, you should explore the cost of repairing it versus an investment in a new printer. For example, if you can purchase a new machine with a better (lifetime) warranty and service contract for less than $1,000 over the repair cost, it will save you money in the long-run. However, if the repair is minor and will enable you to keep printing for another year or two, it might be worth keeping, depending on the specifics.

Assessing and Meeting Needs

Most print providers recommend replacing a machine that has passed the warranty period. This is a good time to assess your needs: what are the things you like and/or dislike about your current printer? What features do you wish your equipment had? Do you have print needs that are not being met? Once you determine your needs, you can explore what new printers fit into your budget.

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