The scanning feature on your multifunction printer is perfect for quick scans to route documents to cloud repositories, but if you’ve got some seriously large scanning jobs to tackle, a dedicated scanner may be the better choice.

Read on to find out how a desktop scanner can help you get scanning done in a hurry.

Scanning Mixed Media

You know the process involved when scanning on your MFP—and you also know that it can sometimes seem to take forever. For example, most MFPs won’t automatically feed mixed size documents, and scanning a small item like a receipt is an involved process that requires taping it to a larger piece of paper. A desktop scanner can handle stacks of mixed-size documents, scanning them quickly and accurately. Another benefit is that there’s no need to rescan the second side; most scanners are capable of capturing images of both front and back sides in one pass.

Make Scanning Simpler

Scanners are designed to make the entire scanning process easier. Here are just a few of the benefits scanners have to offer:

  • Automatically detects the presence of color.
  • Automatically detects and adjusts for page size.
  • Automatically detects double feeds.
  • Automatically deskews pages when they’re out of alignment.
  • Automatically skips blank pages.
  • Easily handles mixed documents.
  • Automatically adjusts and improves image quality and resolution as needed.
  • Auto text enhancement to ensure legibility.
  • Automatically corrects back-of-document bleed through.

The Dreaded Misfeed

If you’ve ever been in the middle of scanning a stack of 50 pages and experienced a misfeed, you know that the situation can set you back another hour. In fact, your multifunction printer may require a complete rescan of the entire stack. Many scanners detect misfeeds, allowing you to correct the problem very quickly so you can get back to scanning the entire stack without starting over.

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