Capital Business Systems can help you increase the security of your documents across the board. As technology continues to advance there will be more ways to add additional levels of security to your documents. On the flipside, there will also be more ways for those not authorized to access your documents to acquire them. This is why it is very important that you stay at the forefront of document security, ensuring that your company files and industry trade secrets are kept safe!

Here are some of the largest security threats in your office:

  • Copiers/Multifunction Devices: Most modern copiers and printers come with built in hard drives to allow for old documents to be reprinted without need for the original copy. While this is a great feature for businesses, if exploited it can mean individuals gain access to your most secure documents.
  • Wireless Network: Unsecured wireless networks can be your biggest enemy when it comes to unauthorized access. Setting up levels of network security will help alleviate this problem and give you the peace of mind you need when utilizing a wireless network in your office.
  • Physical Files: It may seem odd, but physical files (those printed and stored in your office) can be one of your biggest threats. Data stored physically is gone forever if it is ever lost, destroyed or stolen, meaning you cannot recreate the files as they were originally. Move to a digital format of document storage to ensure you always have the files you need.

There are many ways that you can boost document security within your organization. From wiping the data on the copiers and multifunction devices to implementing the latest network security features, you must stay on top of advancements in technology to ensure your data remains safe. Contact us today to learn more!