One of the fastest growing trends in business today is the implementation of green printing habits on a company-wide scale. Green printing has become a very popular trend in businesses all around the world, as they allow you to not only reduce the amount of waste your company produces, but also allows you to save money from a reduction in printing! We all must do our parts to ensure that waste is minimized.

Here are some of our favorite green printing tips:

  • Use Recycled Paper – Implement recycled paper to help save the environment! Recycled paper is not low quality and offers the same quality you can expect from your current paper.
  • Digitally Store Documents – Storing documents through digital document management allows you to increase efficiency and significantly reduce the amount of printing that takes place in your office.
  • Print Preview – When printing emails or web pages, cut out the banner pages that are often printed before and the body.
  • Duplex Printing – Print on both sides of the page to cut printing by up to 40%!

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