If you’ve been eyeing the line-up of new multifunction copiers, but the budget won’t stretch to accommodate a purchase, leasing may be a solution.

Why Leasing Makes Sense

Many businesses operate on a tight budget, and large capital investments can put unnecessary restraints on innovation. But that’s no reason to miss out on the latest technologies in copiers and printers. Leasing is a viable option that offers a host of benefits you may not have considered.

1. Hang Onto Your Money

Even for companies in a position to purchase new copiers, leasing offers some financial advantages. With no cash outlay for a down payment, you’ll be in a better position to direct revenues toward growing your business.

2. Save on Maintenance Costs

You could purchase your copiers, but that means taking on some financial responsibilities beyond the sticker price. Ownership means maintenance costs fall on your shoulders. Leasing agreements usually mean these expenses are the responsibility of the vendor.

3. Upgrade Your Equipment

Leasing offers an advantage that could level the playing field for your small to medium business. Many lease agreements offer upgrade features to put new copiers with the latest technologies within reach of tight budgets. While you may not be able to purchase the most recent copiers from industry-leading technology companies, most budgets can handle a monthly lease payment.

4. Write It Off

Lease payments for office copiers and printers qualify as a tax deductible business expense—just one more way that leasing is a smart business move.

5. Budget Predictability

Leasing provides the budget predictability many businesses need to plan for the future. A uniform monthly payment is much easier to plan for than a large cash outlay all at once.

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