Jean Bougeant, Technology Solutions Specialist

Where did you work before Capital Business Systems?
Durango Joes Coffee for about 6 years. I loved serving people to the best of my ability and then some. I even managed the Aztec and Farmington Branch for a combination of 3 years in those 6 years I had the pleasure of serving Joe Lloyd.

What is the favorite part about working for Capital?
I love building relationships with our clients and being as involved in the community as Frank has allowed me to be. It has made getting up every day a joy in coming to work. I also appreciate that we are given tools to succeed at our job!

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?
Well there are many things I enjoy doing. I do make cabinets with a local cabinet maker on the weekends when my family has time for us to help him out. I enjoy any job that has serving others well as its anchor point!

What do you like to do when you’re not at the office?
Spending time with my family! As out little ones get older, I would love to take them camping and to national parks, forests and forts more like I did when growing up!

Fill in the blank: I once met….
Harrison Ford! No joke, I was living up in Jackson Hole WY and ran into him at a coffee shop where we talked for an hour or so before he went off to Yellowstone National Park. Neat guy!

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?
Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Because of the size and beauty of the falls and all the green that was around! Very peaceful place

What are the three words that best describe you?
Honor, Integrity and Truthful

How do you define success?
Success in my definition is doing the absolute best you can in the situation to make right or learn well from any situation. Success comes in many forms and ways depending on what you are seeking to succeed at!

What advice would you give others in your profession?
Be a constant student of your profession! The moment you think you have it all right and there is nothing left to learn, you have lost the point of what it means to lead well in your given title or position. Learn to love what you do and how it enables you to serve others and you are bound to grow and build yourself and the business you work for in great ways.

Always learn from your mistakes, and admit them! They teach you how to be more diligent in all that you do!