The 21st-century office environment looks and functions much differently than its 20th-century predecessor. For example, who could have imagined the redefinition of the word cloud? Cloud technology has changed the way work gets done and opened up exciting new possibilities. One of those is mobile printing—a technology no business can afford to do without.

Don’t Leave Your Mobile Workers Stranded

A constantly changing world of work requires solutions that are up to the challenge. Today’s workers are increasingly mobile, but they still need to be connected to their information.

An excellent mobile printing solution won’t leave your mobile workers stranded. Your remote staff needs:

  • 24/7 access to company data.
  • Anytime, anywhere freedom to print from nearly any mobile device via a variety of platforms and applications.
  • Security that protects sensitive data at every stage of the document lifecycle.
  • Convenience to print to virtually any printer and from any mobile device and operating system.

Enter Ricoh’s Secure Mobile Printing Solution

Ricoh’s secure mobile printing solution, Hotspot Enterprise, gives your mobile, and remote workers access to a secure, user-friendly mobile printing solution.

  • Stay in touch with your information with easy scanning, routing, and printing capabilities.
  • Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) platform delivers mobile OCR for state-of-the-art search capabilities.
  • Route your documents to over ten choices of cloud file services.
  • Ricoh’s color mobile printing solution makes it hassle-free to print color documents while on the road.
  • User authentications keep your organization’s sensitive information safe during sharing, storing, and printing.
  • SSL encryption keeps your data safe from unauthorized access.
  • Hotspot Enterprise delivers freedom of choice for easy printing using any operating system, mobile device, and virtually all printers.
  • Easy searching for nearby printers with GPS, or use simple search-by-city capability.

To learn more about Ricoh’s Secure Mobile Printing Solution to keep your mobile workers connected, contact us at Capital Business Systems today!