If you haven’t been happy with your copies lately, the problem may not lie with your copiers. You may have selected the wrong paper type for the job at hand.

Read our short-and-fast guide below for some tips on choosing the correct paper for your jobs—and for your copiers.

The Right Paper for the Job

Copy paper comes in several different weights and categories. Choosing the wrong type may deliver unsatisfactory results from your office printers and copiers.

Choosing the Correct Weight

  • Standard weight paper— Recommended for copiers and plain-paper fax machines, standard 20-pound paper is perfect for most office documents. It resists jams and is the most economical choice.
  • Midweight paper— At 22-24 pounds, midweight paper is a good option for more important documents like presentation and customer-facing materials. It also handles two-sided printing without show-through. With a smoother finish and more versatility than standard weight paper, it’s a good choice for copiers and all other imaging devices.
  • Heavyweight paper— For color laser or inkjet printing, 28-32 pound paper is a must. Professional-looking flyers and presentations require the smoothest finish and heavyweight paper for the best results.

Choosing Brightness

If your documents lack impact, choosing a brighter paper may correct the problem. Bright paper delivers crisper, more vivid text, and brighter color images. The brightness scale ranges from 90 to 100. Go higher on the scale for better light reflection on your important documents.

Green Paper Choices

It’s not true that recycled paper is of inferior quality. Today’s recycled paper is high-quality and suitable for any application.

Another green choice is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper. This non-profit organization helps consumers choose paper produced with environmentally responsible methods.

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